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Who is Oliver Paul?

Oliver Paul? You probably know him.

He's a guy that believes trends come and go, but true style is timeless. He's discerning about what he adds to his closet and he keeps the James' (Bond & Dean) in mind when he's deciding what to add to his.

Oliver always invests in a quality haircut and has used the same guy for years. He thinks you can really measure a man by his loyalty to his barber.

He's a gentleman at the core. He holds doors, carries the groceries and is quick to compliment a new dress.

More than anything else, Oliver is a guy that likes to take his time. He likes to slip off his shoes before he sips his whiskey and settles onto the couch. He reads countless articles about a gadget before he decides he needs it. And he waited years until he found the girl he wanted to marry.

After all, he believes all good things happen to those who wait.

If you're like Oliver, you know that the most important accessory is one you wear every day. It's your favorite pair of jeans or your go-to Italian loafers. It's your staple sunglasses and your wedding band. And it's why we've designed and manufactured a ring that's a classic. Just like you.